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Transporting Spars

If your trailering or cartopping a laser, attaching the spars may be a problem. You can build or buy a spar holder that sits on the deck of the laser, when trailering, and holds the spars. Some people put the spars in the car with them. You could also off-center the laser on a roof rack and put the spars on the empty side.

Homemade Spar Holder

I made a spar holder using PVC tubing and 2 feet of 2X4. I got 3 pieces of 3-inch long, 3-inch diameter PVC tubing. I cut each tube in half. I then had 6 halves. I drilled two holes at the bottom center of each half. After that I got 2 pieces of 1 foot long 2X4. I then drilled holes that lined up with the ones in the PVC. Using stainless steel screws I screwed three halves (side by side) to each piece of 2X4. I also stapled a piece of carpet to the bottom of each 2X4. That step is optional. The spar holders rest on the deck of the boat when trailering. I would recommend using bungee cords to hold down the spars. I am probably the worst person to explain how I did this so I wouldn't blame anyone who is the littlest bit confused. If you have any questions please E-Mail me


Now that I have been using these for a while a future project of mine is to add some sort of a rubber foot or stopper so the spars rest on the rubber and not on the screw head.

Jon Deutsch

6" Irrigation Pipe

I purchased a 6" piece of irrigation pipe (PIP Pipe is thin walled and lighter than most PVC). You can also purchase "test plugs" that just slip in the ends of the tube, and tighten with the twist of a butterfly nut. This tube can be fastened permanently to the trailer, and eliminate time of untying/tying spars. This means more time to sail!


Subject: trailering-spars
Date: Tue, 7 May 1996 23:12:52 -0400

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Wooden Structure

by James Walker

On Thu, 2 May 1996, james macready wrote: 
> Hello again! 
> I just purchased a trailer and I do not know how to hook up 
> my spars to my boat. How can I do this? Also, should I put 
> something under them so they don't damage my boat. Furthermore, 
> is it necessary to have a hull cover? Can I launch my boat from 
> my trailer? Thanks if you reply if not sorry for the mail 

> Colin #124375 
> e-mail 
> -- 
> james macready 

Dear Colin, Many people make a rack for their spars to sit on while trailing. It is basically a rectangular wooden structure with 3/4 U shaped cut-outs for the spars to rest in. This rack is designed so that the two longest sides of the rectangle sit on the grab rails on the cockpit. The spars can be held in place by an elastic shock-cord that is attached to the rack. The rack is held in place by a top cover and the weight of the spars. 

If this system sounds too complicated then simply use spar clips available from any laser dealer to fasten the spars together and then tie the spars down to the boat with rope around the mainsheet block, toestrap and cunningham eye. Put some carpet/foam under the spars for padding to prevent banging/damage. 

Undercovers are a good idea and prevent damage if towing regularly but be careful to prevent stone chips being caught in the cover and then abrading on the hull. 

Hope this is of some use, 

James Walker L#154901


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