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Laser Rig for the Traveling Sailor

by Marshall Pardey

The trailer is all steel construction and was custom designed and fabricated for multiple Lasers. It was designed and constructed by Marshall Pardey.  The boats are supported at three points (gunwales and bow), similar to the Kitty Hawk trailer. The right side gear box is a 'wet' box with an expanded steel bottom to allow wet gear to dry. The left side gear box is a 'dry' box. Both boxes have key locking latches for security.

PVC tubes are mounted on both sides for rolled sails. The wheels are 12" diameter for improved trailering.

The rear gunwale supports on both sides (top and bottom), pivot to allow easy one person rear loading of the boats. When the boat is in position, the gunwale support is pivoted into place and pinned using self-locking stainless steel pins which are tethered to the trailer (no worry of misplacing the pins).

Pivot Supports Boats loaded from rear

The spars are cradled between the gear boxes. Multiple Seitech dollies can be carried on top, with or without the wheels installed. There is a post on the front of the trailer for carrying one pair of Seitech wheels.

Boats loaded from front Boats loaded with seitech dolly

Racks can be inserted that convert the trailer to a 4-boat trailer. The third and/or fourth boat are carried deck down. Note that the crossbars are angled to match the deck angle of a Laser providing even support across the deck.

Boats loaded with rack 3 boats loaded


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